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For Immediate Release: June 19, 2006
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Cal Hobson for Lt. Governor,


Senator Cal Hobson honored to receive OEA Endorsement for Lt. Governor's Race

Oklahoma City-Senator Cal Hobson, democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, is extremely honored and grateful for the overwhelming vote to endorse him in the 2006 primary by the Oklahoma Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education (OEA FCPE).

Senator Cal Hobson's name has become synonymous with education throughout his tenure in the legislature. He was a principal co-author of the Landmark Education Reform Act in 1990 (HB 1017) which put an extra 2.1 billion dollars into common schools. Additionally, the act reduced class size, enhanced computerization and greatly improved early childhood opportunities. Hobson also was the principal author of legislation that voluntarily increased funding for schools, scholarships and the Teachers Retirement System through the state lottery and gaming and racing initiatives. Most recently, Senator Hobson single handedly defeated a bill that would have permanently reduced funding from the School Land Commission for both common schools and higher education in Oklahoma. "Education has always been my top priority in the legislature because it is the best way to guarantee all of Oklahoma will be competitive throughout the 21st century," says Hobson.

Roy Bishop, President of OEA FCPE, says "Senator Hobson's tenure in the legislature provides him a unique view of the state's legislative history…We must have someone in the lieutenant governor's office who has demonstrated the leadership and skill to further enhance Oklahoma's educational system. Senator Cal Hobson has demonstrated his ability, over and over again for 28 years, to stand up and be the voice for education---loudly and clearly in the halls of the state capitol."