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Throughout the Bronze Builder experience, you will find video clips with information critical to business success from our StartUpBuilder.Com Panel of Experts. Each clip contains a brief interview between the Expert and StartUpBuilder.Com President David Zahn. Look for the links in this are of the page to find a wide range of topics
and questions that you will want
to explore.
Panel of Experts
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Congratulations! You have made the decision to improve your chances of succeeding in the new business you have chosen, or are in the process of choosing. You are embarking on a journey that is exciting, filled with surprises, anticipation, joys, and the occasional sleepless night. The voyage will be one that others have taken before you, but none will have the exact same experience as you will have.

StartUpBuilder.Com has collected the wisdom and insights of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and has culled the years of experience, hours of study, and lifetimes of lessons learned; into one central source for you to refer to as you create your future one decision at a time. When it comes to business, there is no one approach that is best for all - no single strategy that everyone should follow. Instead, there are the insights and warnings of those that have built successful businesses in their specific niche areas for you to refer to at the exact moment you need to seek that resource. The information is provided in a jargon-free, non-technical way that is easily accessible to anyone and everyone interested in starting up their own business.

Within Bronze you will hear from experts across five key fundamental areas essential for your business success:

1- Finance
2- Business Planning
3- Sales/Prospecting
4- Marketing
5- Management

Within each section you will have the following provided to you:

1- a videotaped interview with the subject expert of between two and three minutes for approximately 8 - 10 subtopics within each of the five major topics listed above
2- 7 Keys to succeeding at some aspect of that sub-topic content area
3- two articles exploring the content area in greater depth
4- Links of additional content found on the web
5- A quiz to confirm your learning

The Bronze section offers you the chance to learn from experts, receive mentoring and coaching, and do it in a relaxed and comfortable way that you control. Skip past topics you are familiar with; linger over subjects you wish to learn more about; refresh your understanding of topics that are not as familiar or comfortable to you; and use the website to refine the success of your business through the many checklists, tips, and suggested techniques. Follow the advice provided and in no time at all, you will see that is much more rewarding to succeed in your own business if you DON'T GO IT ALONE!

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