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Therapeutic Services
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech-Language Therapy
Alternative/Augmentative Communication
Psychological Services
Nutritional Counseling
Aquatic Therapy
Sensory Integration
Feeding and Swallowing Disorders
Comprehensive Evaluations
Social Work
Medical Services
Pediatric Dentistry
Pediatric Neurology
Pediatric Ophthalmology

Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Clinic
A child that must sit in a wheelchair for most of the day usually requires a more sophisticated wheelchair than an adult because the child's muscles and bones are still growing. It is critical to maintain proper anatomical alignment to prevent permanent structural changes and deformities. During this clinic the child and their family will meet with a physical therapist, occupational therapist and a knowledgeable representative of a local durable medical equipment company. Several measurements will be taken and the therapists will make an assessment of the child's postural stability and their capacity to become independently mobile. Once the optimal equipment is chosen, the therapists will then complete the paperwork necessary to seek funding for that equipment from the child's insurance, Medicaid or other known source. For an appointment contact Sue O'Hare or Maria Greenfield at 405.307.2800.

Orthopedic Clinic
This clinic is conducted by two pediatric orthopedic physicians and is open to both outpatients and inpatients. This clinic is designed to evaluate and recommend treatment or diagnostic measures. For an appointment contact Christa Boren at 405.307.2800.
Neurology/Behavior Clinic
This is an inpatient clinic only. A pediatric neurologist provides a neurological exam, treats seizures and movement disorders. The neurologist treats behavior issues through the prescription and monitoring of behavior medications.
Vision Clinic
This is an inpatient clinic only. A pediatric ophthalmologist provides examination, diagnosis and treatment.
Specialized Services
Respite Care
This service is designed to give parents needed time off. Children in respite can stay at the McCarty Center for a total of 7 days one time per year. Children in respite care do not attend school or receive therapy while they are here, but do participate in recreational activities, including field trips. The respite program is primarily funded by a federal grant. Most families will pay nothing, or only a small co-payment per day.
Independent Living Training
Some children with special needs are capable of living on their own or independently with some assistance. Our occupational therapy department conducts an independent living program for older teens. It is in this program where they learn the skills to live independently. They are taught how to cook, handle housekeeping chores, do laundry, manage money, and obtain transportation and other services they'll need to survive on their own.
Related Services to Schools
Since 1996, the McCarty Center has been working with schools to help them meet their federal requirements to provide therapy services for their special needs students by contracting with schools to provide therapy services.
Contractual Services for the Developmental Disabilities Services Department.
The McCarty Center has contracts with several state agencies to provide physical therapy for their clients.
Teletherapy Services to Rural Oklahoma
Using the latest in internet technology, the McCarty Center can provide physical, occupational, speech-language and counseling services to children throughout Oklahoma. Using a two-way, live, interactive video system, our therapists and counselors can provide services to anyone with access to a broadband Internet connection. The McCarty Center pioneered the use of teletherapy beginning in 1996.