About Wally Moon: Championship Catalyst
When Wally Moon proclaimed that the Los Angeles Dodgers had gotten the better of the trade that brought him from St. Louis to the West Coast before the 1959 season, anyone who knew Moon realized it wasn't a brazen, unfounded statement. It was just a typical expression of self-confidence from one of baseball's steadiest players.

"I knew I'd have a good year in Los Angeles," Moon said, "because the trade put me on the spot. Some athletes are able to play better ball under pressure.

"I'm in that group."

After hitting just .238 in his final of five seasons in St. Louis, Moon put himself on the spot with his trade proclamation. He proceeded to assemble one of his best years in 1959. He hit .302 for the Dodgers, batting a spectacular .392 as a left-handed hitter against left-handed pitchers. Moon also hit .396 against the Milwaukee Braves that year. Los Angeles beat Milwaukee in a one-game playoff to earn the National League's World Series birth.

In the '59 World Series against the Chicago White Sox, Moon stroked six hits in the six games and played flawlessly in the field. His two-run homer in the sixth inning of the sixth game helped the Dodgers to only their second World Championship in franchise history, and first in Los Angeles. They would win two more titles, in 1963 and 1965, with Moon on the club.

Wally Moon brought one other thing to the Dodgers and to baseball lore: the "moon shot". The Los Angeles Coliseum's unusual configuration for baseball resulted in the left field line stretching just 251 feet from home plate. To prevent routine fly balls from leaving the park, a 40-foot-tall screen stretched above the left-field wall, making a forbidding barrier for most hitters. Wally Moon mastered a swing that took outside pitches sky-high to the opposite field and over the looming barrier. Those clouts became known as "Moon Shots" years before the same term was used to describe space flights to the brightest heavenly body in the night sky.

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