About U.M. ARMY

U.M. ARMY is not the average summer vacation that high school students dream about.  But those who attend a U.M. ARMY mission are not your average people.

At U.M. ARMY one can expect spiritual growth, challenging mission work, Christian fellowship with like-minded believers, and making new friends.

U.M. ARMY (United Methodist Action Reach-Out Mission by Youth) is a summer mission trip designed for youth.  Every aspect of the experience; work, worship, fellowship, and fun, is tailored for high school and college age young people.  Adults go so that the youth can have a mission experience of which they can take ownership.

A U.M. ARMY mission is one week long.  It is not a mission trip to a far off land, but one that serves people locally, about 2-3 hours away.  

Youth groups from several churches gather at a host church for the week where they sleep in the classrooms, have their meals in the Great Hall, and worship in the sanctuary.  During the day work teams go into the local community to provide free home repairs for low income, elderly, and disabled homeowners in the local community.  Typical tasks include porches, steps, handrails, wheelchair ramps, exterior siding repairs & painting, doors, windows, screens, and some interior floor & sheetrock repairs.

A typical U.M. ARMY mission group is 75 – 120 youth and adults from several different churches.  Youth groups of any size are welcome; a ratio of 2 adults per 5 youth is needed to properly staff a U.M. ARMY mission.

U.M. ARMY is a Christian organization in the Wesleyan tradition.  Spiritual growth is an integral part of every U.M. ARMY.  Every day starts with morning devotions, followed by lunch devotions at the work site, and closing with an evening worship.  Each year there is a Bible scripture and theme that is developed and woven into the fabric of the entire week. 

Since the first U.M. ARMY in 1979, we have perfected and fine-tuned a successful program that delivers an exceptional youth mission opportunity that is affordable and accessible.  

Homes are repaired. Hearts are lifted. Lives are changed. Love is shared. God is revealed.

Camp Stories


U.M. ARMY has much to offer. whether you're a middle school, high school or college student; a parent; or adult looking to volunteer. Begin your journey here.


Find out what makes U.M. ARMY a unique, rewarding and fun summer camp experience for students Grades 8 through 12. See how lives are changed.

Campers' Stories

A decision to attend a U.M. ARMY summer mission camp can be one of the most spiritually and emotionally beneficial experience of a young person's life.

Youth Ministers

U.M ARMY can be a powerful experience for those who participate and an important resource for youth ministry programs to engage young people.

Parent's Perspective

An important element to the success of a U.M. ARMY experience is parental support. Find out why one father's story about how UM ARMY affected his family.

Adult Volunteer

One of the key ingredients to the U.M. ARMY experience is the volunteer support of adult volunteers. Discover the rewarding benefits of lending a hand.

College ARMY

The U.M. ARMY experience doesn't end with high school graduation. Many campers continue or begin their mission experience while in college.

Pastor's Q&A

Rev. Tony Vinson of Clear Lake United Methodist Church in Houston is a long-time advocate of U.M. ARMY and helped start the movement.

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