About Us

Memorial Park Conservancy is engaged in a wide range of activities to preserve the park's native habitat, and at the same time, ensure the enjoyment of Memorial Park by the public. The Conservancy's 30-member volunteer Board of Directors works in partnership with the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department, Houston Parks Board and other organizations. Houston City Council approved the park's Master Plan in 2004. The Conservancy is working to make the Master Plan a reality through fund raising, education programs and volunteer activities.

Mission Statement
Memorial Park Conservancy is dedicated to the preservation of the native habitat of Memorial Park for future generations; to the public use, enjoyment and education in accordance with conditions of the conveyance to the city by the Hogg family; and to the on-going support of the Houston Parks Department.

Board of Directors

Steve Costello

Vice Chair
Odette McMurrey Mace

Jim Dougherty

Regina Garcia

Ex-Officio Members
Rick Dewees
Pam Holm
Carolyn Lightfoot
Deborah Markey
Roksan Okan-Vick
Diane Schenke

Executive Director
Sally J. Tyler

Immediate Past Chair
Claire Caudill*


Board Members
Butch Abendshein
Blaine Adams
Sadie Gwin Blackburn*
Jeanie Connell
Ralph De Leon
Nancy Godshall
Don Gray
Don Greene
Terry Hershey*
Mindy Hildebrand
Diana Hobby
Madeleine C. Hussey
Mavis P. Kelsey, Jr.
John W. Kelsey
Chris Knapp
Gentry Lee
Rafael Longoria
Thomas W. McGee
Bradford Moody
Preston Moore
Julie Moorhead
John Paukune
Oliver Pennington
Margaret W. Reckling
Frank C. Smith, Jr.*
Sharon Talbert
James F. Thompson
John Woodhouse
Carla Wyatt

* Life Members