Uwe von Schamann's accomplishments on the football field inspired countless fans across the nation, and his legacy lives on, generation after generation. Now, schools, companies and organizations across the nation are tapping into Uwe's wisdom and ability to motivate others to achieve greatness. Invite Uwe to speak at your next meeting, function or special event.

Uwe von Schamann's Topics

Team Building: Developing a Winning Team
Uwe says: "During my football career, I was coached by two of the greatest coaches in college and professional football…Barry Switzer and Don Shula. Barry Switzer is one of only two coaches that won a National Championship and a Super Bowl. Don Shula holds the NFL record for most career wins with 347. These legendary coaches had different leadership styles yet both were extremely successful. My experience with both coaches has given me a unique perspective on team building."

Self Esteem: Seeing Yourself as a True Champion
Uwe says: "I've often looked back with amazement at the woman my mother is. She survived the Holocaust of World War II. Then, as a single mother with a teenage son, she came to the United States to find a better life for both of us. We didn't have much money and neither one of us spoke the language, but, we persevered. It wasn't always easy, but, my mother has taught me the power of self-confidence and self-esteem. Her strength and wisdom has served me, and it will serve you, well."

Staying Focused: Overcoming Obstacles, Distractions & Challenges in Life
Uwe says: "My success as a former place-kicker with the University of Oklahoma and the Miami Dolphins was directly related to being able to focus for 1.3 to 1.5 seconds when the center snapped the ball, the holder put the ball on the tee, and I kicked for the game winning field goal. Using the word focus as an acronym I will explain how a person can prepare for moments that require such concentration in so little time."

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School Programs: $500
Corporate Programs: Starting at $1,000
Three-day Workshops: Starting at $2,000

Travels from: Norman, Oklahoma

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