Silver Stories
They Did It--And You Can, Too
Starting a business is the culmination of a dream for many people that is only surpassed by the joys of having that business succeed and grow. In this section, we asked entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, visions, strengths, and expectations to share what lessons they learned on the way to success. While each one represents a unique story that is distinctly their own, they all share something in common - the courage to pursue their dream and go beyond just starting a business to nurturing, growing, and developing a thriving business.

Listen and watch as you will hear how being fired actually provided the "push" for one stellar salesperson to start his own business. Share the yearning of a scientist to allow the artist within herself to be expressed in museum quality art pieces. Feel the awakening of the former corporate employee who now has achieved personal serenity in an historic bed and breakfast inn in a quaint mountain-side town. These and other personal stories are captured here in first-person accounts to help you understand what it takes to step into the unknown and succeed with your own business.

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