September 17, 2010 - Sparks Sign and Trailer Stolen

Senator Requests Return of Property

Sen. John Sparks (D-Norman) was shocked at the theft of his large sign and flat-bed trailer. The sign is a two-sided, wooden structure with the “Sparks for Senate” logo printed on each of the large sides. The sign is approximately 10 feet long and 7 feet tall. The trailer is a 16 foot double-axle flat bed.

The sign and trailer had been displayed on a lot on SE 12th in Norman, south of Lindsey Street when they were noticed missing Wednesday, September 15th. Sparks has reported the theft to the Norman Police Department.

Says Sen. Sparks, “I am disappointed that someone would steal the large sign and trailer. I am particularly saddened at the loss of the sign, which was crafted by a friend in 2006 and has become my signature at local parades.” Sparks added, “If the thief wanted a sign that badly, I would have happily given him one.”

The Sparks campaign has no knowledge of who may have stolen the trailer and sign. Says Sparks, “This has been a distraction, but I am returning to the campaign trail where I am talking to voters about the future of Oklahoma. Hopefully the future will also include the return of my sign and trailer.”

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