Deidre Pujols Cookbook

Spend a year in the Pujols Kitchen with Deidre Pujols and celebrate all that is special about the people and cuisine of the Dominican Republic. The Pujols Family Foundation announces Deidre's special 2010 calendar and cookbook featuring favorite recipes, images and personal comments on the dishes her family enjoys most. All proceeds from the sale of this publication will benefit the impoverished people of the Dominican Republic, through the efforts of the Pujols Family Foundation.
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What's Inside
Outdoor Market
Join Deidre Pujols as she explores an outdoor food market in the Dominican capital city of Santo Domingo.

Feature Recipe
Empanadas are a tasty pastry dish that can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner and are even better when prepared Dominican Style.

The Dominican Republic
This picturesque island-nation's physical beauty is matched by the beauty of its people. Its charms are many, as are its needs and struggles.

Roots for the Home Team
Watch Deidre turn a simple root, one of the staples of the Dominican diet, into something tasty and savory.


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