Master Plan

The Master Plan project began based on the collective concerns of the City of Houston, the Memorial Park Conservancy, and the Houston Parks Board, Inc. that increasing pressure to add more facilities and uses to the Park has made the lack of a master plan or guiding principles a situation unacceptable both to those whose responsibility it is to care for the Park and those who care about and use the Park.

The Conservation Master Plan was commissioned to create an objective basis for resolving the multiple concerns that face Memorial Park, ranging from concern for the natural environment to concerns about the uses that occur in it. The plan brings these concerns into focus by considering the Park’s origins, the terms under which the park land was conveyed to the city, and the role the Park plays in the city and regional recreational and environmental context.

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Master Plan Funding Priorities

Memorial Drive Bridge

The recreational experience in the park is fragmented by the need to cross Memorial Drive to pass north-south through the park, and the park is separted from adjacent neighborhoods.

The plan recommends the establishment of a comprehensive trail system, extending throughout Memorial Park. All general areas of the park and all facilities should be accessible by trails.

A detailed forest assessment study should be performed to better identify problem target areas, methods and management scopes for prescription activities.