Q. Can we select by neighborhoods?
A. Most lists are selectable by using carrier routes (within zip codes), zip codes, counties, and SCF's.

Q. What is an SCF?
A. SCF is a Sectional Center Facility. This is the first three digits of your zip code, i.e. SCF 770 is Houston Proper; SCF 770 thru 775 is considered Houston Metro. Denver Proper is SCF 800 and Denver Metro is SCF 800 thru 804.

Q. Can I select by income for households?
A. Yes you can select this way. Estimated Income by household is usually selectable by zip codes but it can be done on carrier routes and SCF's. Highest income that is selectable is $125,000 and above.

Q. Can I select by median home value?
A. Yes this is possible and by median it simply means that half of the homes in that zip and/or SCF are under that value and half are over that value.


Q. What is four color process printing?
A. Printers use four colors to reproduce photographs or art. Yellow, Magenta (Red), Cyan (Blue) and black. Dots of these 4 basic colors applied to paper is four color process printing.

Q. What is the difference between sheet fed printing and web printing?
A. Sheet fed printing on flat sheets is most often chosen for smaller quantity print runs because the set up/make ready requirements are not as demanding as faster web printing on continuous rolls of paper.

Q. What are efficient catalog page counts?
A. Multiples of 8 are the most efficient web printing page counts 16 pages, 24 pages, 32 pages and so on.

Q. What about artwork?
A. We commonly work with art in formats, such as Adobe Illustrator, Quark, and hi-resolution pdf files.

Q. What is a postal presort?
A. Mail that is prepared to USPS guidelines can receive reduced postage costs and improved delivery. This process of sorting the mail in a way that reduces the processing and handling effort at the post office is referred to as postal presort.

Q. What is a catalog co-bind?
A. To reduce postage costs two or more catalogers who have a common in home mail date, common trim size and common ink/jet address area, can combine their mailing lists into one zip string to maximize the qualification for carrier route discounts. An optimal co-bind zip string size for a national mailing is 1.5MM to 1.7MM catalogs.

Q. What is a CAPS Account?
A. The USPS allows mailers to establish electronic funds transfer accounts for the purpose of paying postage. Upon mail acceptance the post office initiates a debit to the designated account the mailer has set up to pay postage.


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