Democrats of Oklahoma,

I would like to let you know about what a wonderful leader Lisa Pryor is and will be as Party Chair. She was an excellent candidate for State Senate District 15. I knew Lisa personally before she ran. I already admired her before that, but once i got involved in her campaign, I saw just how dedicated she is to this state and the men, women, and familes of Oklahoma.

Lisa is much more than "just a friend of Kim Henry". Lisa is an incredible woman, mother, wife, teacher, leader, and most significantly, Democrat. She embodies the character we need as a leader and will be perfect for continuing the traditional values of the Democratic Party as well as jump starting the party for successful elections and influential leaders in our state. She is dedicated to the Democratic Party as well as the State.

Oklahoma is lucky to have people like Lisa, Ben, and Jay leading us. It is time for a positive change and I know, from the pit of my stomach, that Lisa Pryor is the woman for the job.

Amanda Winton
Norman, Cleveland County