Dave Mullen, President
5910 S. University Boulevard, C18-335
Greenwood Village, CO 80121-2879


"Your guidance and coaching came at the perfect time and I went from a 5th quintile producer to a 1st quintile Million Dollar producer. The manager that hired me gave me a desk, a phone and a phone book. You gave me a plan and a direction to grow a business and a career."
Herb B. (Million Dollar Advisor)

"Your guidance and training have allowed me the opportunity to have a career of a lifetime."
Nicole S. (Advisor)

"You are the reason I chose to be a leader at M.L. I have always admired your leadership, coaching abilities, creativity, relationship building skills and overall passion for the business. That enthusiasm was and is contagious!"
Jodi R. (Regional Manager)

"Many highly successful FA's stated that you were the best manager at ML they ever worked with. Ditto from me."
Rick S. (Million-dollar Advisor)

"Your commitment to growing an FA's business is second to none. Your personal commitment to the success of everyone you touch is remarkable. Your belief in doing things the right way every day is a testament to the core values by which you live."
Ky M. (Manager and Million-dollar Advisor)

"I had been hearing about how we need to select niches, but until I was made aware of your outlines, I didn't quite know how to approach the endeavor. Your plans gave me such an excellent framework to make this happen!"
Amy M. (New Financial Advisor)

"The depth and structure of your training programs are truly World Class."
Rick S. (Manager)

"I received a copy of your writing, The Million Dollar Financial Services Practice,…I picked it up again recently and it had a very positive impact. It is a great read and specifically poignant for a successful Advisor who can sometimes drift focus and could benefit from a renewed motivation."
Seth H. (Financial Advisor)

"I must say that your presentation blew me away."
Eileen V. (Broker/Coach)