Dave Mullen, President
5910 S. University Boulevard, C18-335
Greenwood Village, CO 80121-2879


LearnTactix' purpose is invigorating, equipping and developing Financial Advisors and Managers—through dynamic, tactical training processes—in order to increase their productivity and cultivate enduring success.

Founded by Dave Mullen, a 25-plus year Financial Advisor and Manager of multiple offices and scores of the industry's top producers, LearnTactix is a training company that draws its wisdom from a wide variety of people, experiences and successes. Deeply rooted in real-world practicality, LearnTactix offers its clients a dynamic and intensely-focused approach to elevating all levels of Financial Advisors' and Managers' performance, achievement and fulfillment.

LearnTactix is not interested in just creating emotional excitement and short-term initiatives. LearnTactix is committed to helping cultivate successful practices through the use of proven strategies and tactics for:

  Securing new affluent clients
Retaining affluent clients
Maximizing opportunities from existing clients
Acquiring new assets
Achieving a million and multi-million dollar practice
Elevating personal financial rewards
Increasing productivity at all levels of Financial Advisors' careers
Helping managers:
  • Recruit successful Financial Advisors
• Improve retention of their Financial Advisors
• Increase productivity of their branches
• Develop Financial Advisors to their full potential through effective coaching

LearnTactix is able to facilitate these objectives through various methods, including:

Keynote speaking engagements—Dave's wealth of experience enables him to address a wide variety of timely and highly-relevant topics
Interactive seminars that address five core levels of individuals in every Financial Advisory operation:
  • Aspirers (those with 0-2 years' experience)
• Survivors (those with 3-5 years' experience)
• Desirers (those who want to move to the $1 million level and beyond)
• Thrivers (those who have reached the $1 million level but want more)
• Managers (those who oversee local and regional offices)

LEARN™ Financial Advisor practice management software

Additional services and programs are being developed and will be added to the LearnTactix' repertoire as they become available.