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The Marketing Ideas section of the LEARN™ software subscription* contains some of the best, most current, innovative and proven marketing ideas available for Financial Advisors. Compiled over the last 20 years, and constantly being augmented by new ideas on a regular basis, these ideas have been tried and found to be successful by Financial Advisors from around the country.

BONUS—In order to help everyone to benefit from the finest imaginations and proven practices in the field, we are asking Financial Advisors everywhere to submit their best marketing ideas to LearnTactix. Once a month, we will review the submissions and select the premier idea for presentation here. If yours is the one selected, you will be notified via e-mail that you are qualified to receive a FREE, six-month subscription to LEARN™ Practice Management Software. If you are already a subscriber, then you will receive a six-month credit voucher to be used when you renew your subscription.

Thank you for your ideas! Please take some of these, experiment, practice and enhance your own marketing arsenal with some of the best ideas our industry has to offer.

As an added benefit for everyone (subscribers or not), please feel free to use the following acronym to assist you in developing and coordinating your own marketing efforts:


Market Plan—Develop a market plan for the specific niche you want to approach
Appointment—Focus your marketing efforts on getting a face-to-face appointment
Rapport—Build rapport on the first appointment by asking questions
K eep in touch—Keep on following up with the prospect to address their needs, with you positioned as #2.
Eliminate and Elevate—Once you reach 100 prospects, continue to upgrade
Time—Spend time marketing every day

* Please Note: This powerful tool is only available to subscribers of LEARN™ Practice Management Software. Additionally, submitting an idea grants LearnTactix the right to publish it as desired.