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LEARN™ Practice Management Software was designed to help Financial Advisors be more productive by organizing them for growth at all stages of their careers. It takes proven practice management theory and organizes it into daily application for motivated Advisors. The software is designed to focus the new Advisor on doing the right activities and providing a proven marketing process that will establish a pipeline of affluent prospects to build a million dollar practice. The software also organizes more experienced Advisors on the fundamentals of growth that are required to build a million and multi-million dollar practice.

LEARN™ is an acronym which means:
Leverage current clients to get new ones
Expand level of products and services for each client
Acquire all existing clients' assets
Retain affluent clients
Niche and natural markets—develop and execute marketing plans

As you can readily see, the key elements for success are all incorporated in this program.

LEARN™ has two distinct applications, one is for organizing marketing activities and the other is to enable Advisors to grow their practice through their existing clients:

Highlights of the Marketing Process application

Prospect Data Management System—provides a central database for the Advisors' prospect pipeline. This feature allows the Advisor to record notes by date and important contact information for each prospect.

Prospect Follow Up—organizes each prospect so that at least two contacts with every prospect per month are made, as well as suggestions on the content of each contact. It also keeps track of when potential investment dollars are available. This application will organize prospects by age groups, occupation, and outside interests.

Market Plan Efficiency—keeps track of all prospect activity data by market plan. It measures the efficiency of each plan as a percentage of contacts made. It allows the advisor to determine what market he/she is most effective with.

Zip Code Finder—organizes prospects by where they work or live. Any time the Advisors travel outside the office they can easily schedule personal contacts with existing prospects or just drop in when in the area.

Highlights of Client Contact application

Client Database—Provides a central database for the Advisor's clients. This feature enables the Advisor to record notes by date for each client. It also contains all the important contact information for clients.

Priority and Million Dollar Client Expansion Feature—Organizes the Advisor to expand the investment products and services for each affluent and million dollar client. This can be customized to the products and services that the Advisor believes the majority of his/her clients should be exposed to. Suggested investment products and services are made as well as contact scripts.

Client Ranking—Organizes the Advisor to rank client base by up to five different criteria. This feature enables the Advisors to have a more comprehensive method of determining who their best clients are. This feature is especially valuable to more experienced Advisors who have a large base of clients and desire to pare down their practice to a manageable number of their best clients. The weighting and criteria of the ranking can be customized by each Advisor.

Client Leveraging—Provides the Advisor different approaches to leverage current clients to get new ones. Features include the ability to keep track of which clients have been contacted on the different leverage approaches, as well as scripts to use with each approach

Money Tracker—Organizes the Advisor to discover client's assets held away and keep track of those "away" assets that are brought in. These are the easiest assets to gather.

Natural Market—Organizes the Advisor clients by age range, occupation, and outside interests and provides different marketing approaches that are appropriate for each of these categories.

Client Profile—Takes all the client contact applications described above and puts them into one place that can be referenced whenever a client contact is made. This organizes the Advisor to focus on the five growth fundamentals every time a client is contacted.

Additional features include:

Time Log—Keeps track of how Advisors spend their time every day. This provides a mirror of how time is actually spent as opposed to how time is perceived to be spent. This can serve as a powerful motivator for the Advisor to spend time doing the most productive activities every day.

Investment Matrix—Builds portfolios for the new Advisor based on the recommended wealth management process.

Networking—Enables groups of Advisors within a team to enter and share data for each other. The software can be configured for managers to have access to Advisors' data for coaching purposes. Each Advisor determines who has access to their data.

Customize—Each application can be customized by the Advisor if desired

Manager LearnTactix software
This software is a practice management tool for managers to organize their time and activities to accelerate the growth of their office. It focuses managers on the Big Three factors: (1) Recruiting; (2) Retention; and (3) Developing Financial Advisors. Specifically, these tools will assist a manager with time management, effective and consistent coaching, recruiting, client contact, and Financial Advisor retention.