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"How long have you been training Financial Advisors?"

I hired, trained and developed Financial Advisors for Merrill Lynch for over 20 years. I had responsibility for six different complexes that included 20 different branches. In that capacity I worked directly with and trained more than 500 Financial Advisors. I have written a book, The Million Dollar Financial Services Practice, about the training I have provided to these Merrill Lynch Advisors. I retired from Merrill Lynch in April 2007 and started LearnTactix, a training company specializing in training Financial Advisors. The training is based upon my observations and experiences as a Financial Advisor and as a Manager of many million-dollar-plus Advisors during my career.

"What is your track record of success?"

The offices I managed consistently ranked among Merrill Lynch's highest success rate of new Advisors. In 2006, the offices I was responsible for had one of the highest cumulative success rates of new Advisors at Merrill Lynch. On several occasions, I was asked to provide training at the national level to Merrill Lynch managers where I presented my training methods for Advisors. I was asked to help train Advisors at the regional level in every manager assignment I ever had.

In the offices for which I was responsible, I worked directly with more than 70 Advisors that produced over $1 million each, including five of Merrill's top 30 Advisors (including Merrill's number one Advisor). Many of those 70 Advisors were individuals that I helped train and develop to reach the $1-million and multi-million levels for the very first time. At least ten new Advisors that I hired are now producing over $1 million today. In my last assignment with Merrill Lynch, the number of million-dollar producers increased from two to 11 in the offices I oversaw from 2003-2006. During 2006, my training methods resulted in 20 Advisors (in the length of services category of 3-5 years, what I now call "Survivors") increasing their cumulative production by more than 30%.

“Why do you recommend a series of half-day sessions?”

Depending on the length of service (LOS), the training is recommended to be provided in two or three half-day sessions scheduled 30 days apart, with each one building on the other. The reason for the half-day sessions is that information overload can occur if the training sessions are longer. In my experience, and having been part of countless training sessions, training effectiveness declines when it exceeds half a day in length. Additionally, the training concept of learning the techniques, practicing them and debriefing 30 days later is the best way to learn. Each half-day session builds on the last session.

"Why should I choose your training over a competitor's?"

After hiring, training, and developing hundreds of Financial Advisors over a 20-year career, I understand what it takes—at all phases of an Advisor's career-to build a million and a multi-million dollar practice. This perspective can only come from the years of experience I have due to leading and coaching Advisors for extended periods of time.

This training is based on tactical and proven training methods unique in the financial services industry. The best training is provided by an industry insider as opposed to an outsider that has never produced or directly managed Advisors.

"What makes you unique?"

When I retired from Merrill Lynch, I was one of their most experienced managers. My 20-year tenure as a senior complex and branch manager uniquely qualifies me to provide training that will increase the success rate of new Advisors and significantly increase the productivity of all motivated Financial Advisors at every level. Having hired, developed and trained hundreds of Advisors and over 70 million and multi-million dollar Advisors, I have observed and documented what really works.

Through my book, The Million Dollar Financial Services Practice, I have tied together the proven practice management processes, psychology and marketing ideas that will make a positive difference for Advisors at all levels of their careers. For many Advisors, the training I give will lead them to develop their own million and multi-million dollar practices. Because of my experience and the number of successful Advisors that I have worked with, I provide a "real world" and "one of a kind" perspective in helping Advisors to develop a "million dollar and beyond" practice. I consider myself among the most experienced and qualified guides that an Advisor could have for reaching new heights in their careers.

Additionally, because of my experience as a branch manager, I can help managers be effective coaches and equip them to help their Advisors long after the training sessions are completed.

"How much do your charge?"

Until you and I have a chance to visit, I do not know what the total scope of services will be. All training sessions are customized to the distinct requirements of each client and are based on the unique needs of five different groups:

1. Aspirers—New Advisors with length of service (LOS) of 0-2 years
2. Survivors—Advisors with 3-5 years' LOS
3. Desirers—Advisors with 6+ years' LOS but still under $1 million in annual production
4. Thrivers—Advisors with over $1 million in annual production
5. Managers—Coaches, sales managers, producing managers, full time managers and regional managers

I also offer keynote speeches and the rates will depend upon the overall scope of services requested.