If you’ve worked long and hard through the years to get where you are today, but you’ve got more you want to accomplish in the business world, Zahn Consulting, LLC specializes in helping seasoned business professionals find new reasons to be excited about getting up in the mornings!

On this website you'll learn more about how you can benefit from the expertise and thought-provoking insights of noted career consultant David Zahn. David has spent more than three decades working alongside people like you, helping them find a new start toward a satisfying and fulfilling continuation of their business careers.

If you’ve been in search for the answer to the question, “Okay, now what?” you’ve come to the right place to find out where the future can take you.

Meet David

David Zahn is a serial entrepreneur who has succeeded through his business insights, customer focused attention to developing the potential within others, and ability to design and deliver training addressing both business needs and personal growth pursuits.  A frequent contributor to radio interview shows, industry publications, webzines, and association keynotes. He has also written two books on consulting skills: The Quintessential Guide to Using Consultants, and How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant

David also has a proven track record in helping workplace veterans find direction and purpose contemplating career change. As an adjunct professor in two graduate school programs at the University of New Haven, David has “stress tested” many of the approaches he uses with his satisfied and successful clients. The focus and attention you’ll receive from him is both personal and proven.

Are you ready to become David’s own next success story? 

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Providing Clarity

Personal Assessment

Your work with David begins with an assessment of your interests, competencies and market opportunities as they each align with your personal goals and objectives.  Based on these results, your personalized career plan is created.

One-on-One Consulting

Using the results of the assessment, you will receive personalized guidance, support and mentorship in a series of regularly-scheduled phone calls with David. These one-on-one sessions are designed to help you confidently answer the question, “OK, Now What?” in a timely and beneficial manner.

Quarterly Newsletter

Your engagement does not end, nor is it limited to the One-on-One Consulting support. You will also receive a quarterly online newsletter with helpful insights, links and testimonials from others who have succeeded in going down the same career path as you.

Measurable Results

Without metrics and a clear sense of what is being sought, any program can claim to be succeeding. Your personalized consulting program will include the crafting of a mutual agreement with David as to how you define success and what you would like to achieve with his guidance. Thus, you’ll be assured that you will achieve measurable results which will help you reinforce and maintain your new successes.

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To Ask Yourself

Change can often be a challenge, and when you’re considering taking your life in a new direction, it’s important to be asking yourself the right questions. Zahn Consulting’s team of career advisors can help you "look behind the curtain" to get insights and ideas about what future pursuit could be right for you.


What business is right for me?
Stuart Sidle


What’s it take to become an entrepreneur?
Trudy Bourgeois


How do I sell myself?
Lucas Perez


How do I set myself apart?
Ilise Benum

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