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President's Message

Fellow Houston Sooners:

For more than a half century, The OU Club of Houston has sought to bring the University of Oklahoma experience to the Texas Gulf Coast.

We've done that in a number of ways: supporting efforts to recruit area high school students to attend The University, hosting special events locally with top academic and athletic leaders from Norman, and facilitating the radio broadcast of OU football games to the Houston region. Our alumni chapter has sought to be of service to the alma mater.

Now, our goal is to be of service to you. We want The OU Club of Houston to stand for community, camaraderie and connection. As Houston Sooners, it's time we got to know one another better and have ourselves some fun!

In 2013 we began moving In that direction. The past twelve months have seen a dramatic upgrade in our football watch parties, a commitment to younger alums through monthly happy-hours events, and the launch of a pair of successful community-service initiatives with our "rivals" from the University of Texas. Our OU Club ranks have grown and our brand has become prominent. We've made it very clear you can't spell "H-O-U-S-T-O-N" without "OU."

If you're already a member, long-time or first-time, we say thank you. If you've yet to sign up, we encourage you to join our ranks today. Bookmark our website, "Like Us" on Facebook, and watch us on YouTube. Keep up to date with our many activities and invite your Sooner friends to become a part of our Houston network.

Most importantly, make time to attend one of our many club activities.

In Houston, the University of Oklahoma community is large--more than 8,000 graduates--and growing. We all share a common heritage and a rich legacy We're all imbued with that special something known as "Sooner Spirit." And we all understand, that Spirit thrives most in the company of others with whom we share our common bond:

"There's Only One Oklahoma."

On behalf of The OU Club of Houston, I look forward to meeting you soon.

Be Proud. Stand Strong. Stand Together.

Aaron Brougher
2014 Chapter President
The OU Club of Houston

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