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MD Disability Quotes works with all of major carriers that have products and definitions specifically designed for you in mind with not only the OWN OCCUPATION definition that you are looking for but instead they all have an OWN SPECIALTY DEFINITION protecting you in exactly what you do in your AREA of medicine, not just medicine.

Every one of our physicians have the opportunity to purchase a disability contract with a minimum of 15% discount to the retail rate just for working with us. Give us a chance you will be surprised at our knowledge, our process, and our prices that simply can’t be beat.

All of the carriers that we use will typically be 100 years or older, $5 Billion in assets or bigger and will be A rated or better so feel comfortable in the fact that we will be recommending strong and sound carrier to provide you with the best disability contract possible. Our contracts have available Residual Benefits, Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA), Catastrophic Disability Benefits, Future Purchase Options (FPO), Non-disabling Benefits, Good Health Benefits, Recovery Benefits, and Return of Premium Provisions. We have it all so let us shop for what is the right fit for you instead of you dealing with 3-5 insurance agents with a bunch of different agendas.

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  Why do business with M.D. Disability Insurance Services?

There are many good reasons physicians across the country do business with us.

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  How can I be sure I'm working with the best insurance carriers?

We only do business with the most trusted names in the industry. Find out what that means for you.