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Explore the value of a TRUE Own Specialty disability
insurance income contract
If something happened to you, what would happen to your family…your practice...your investments…your peace of mind? While most of today’s disability insurance contracts protect you as an MD, they DO NOT protect your Own Specialty. In effect, you may not be completely covered if you no longer can perform the procedures of your Own Specialty.

Having a great disability income insurance plan allows you, our physician client, to maintain the lifestyle to which your family has become accustomed through a tax-free monthly benefit. You’ll have income on which to live while keeping your investment vehicles intact. Own Specialty disability coverage provides TRUE peace of mind.

Five things
for you to
1: It's important to have complete coverage that protects you, not just as a doctor, but specifically for when you can no longer perform the tasks required in your own specialty.

2: Applying for coverage is convenient, easy and often takes effect in as little as 30-45 days.

3: Discounts are available through our firm to all physicians nationwide regardless of age, gender, medical specialty or state of residency.

4: We carry certification from a wide range of county, state and national medical associations.

5: We have helped thousands of
physicians across the country acquire high limit, own specialty disability insurance at discounted prices.