The Project Columbus Merger Announcement Communications Plan:

"Get to Know Santa Fe"


Launching The World’s Largest Relocation Services Provider

This website outlines Santa Fe Americas' proposed communications plan announcing the outcome of Project Columbus. The objectives of the plan – entitled "Get to Know Santa Fe" – are to educate and motivate a broad range of constituent groups, from current employees and industry observers to existing and prospective clients, while also shaping the newly-created shared brand, establishing meaningful differentiation from  competitors, and defining positioning in the marketplace to bolster future business success.

The plan is built upon a strategic foundation designed to ensure that employees from both merged companies understand the rationale behind the creation of this mobility partnership and that the benefits of the consolidation are clearly communicated to existing and future clients.

While the primary objective of the plan is to create awareness of the new industry powerhouse, equally important is the quest to engender excitement and enthusiasm within those groups most closely affected by the creation of this dynamic partnership. The plan explores a variety of possibilities and its presentation in this format provides for easy modification as the countdown toward launch–and a successful shared future–unfolds.

Plan Highlights

Merger Benefits


  • World’s largest global relocation services footprint
  • One-stop provider
  • Full scope of mobility offerings
  • In-house network of service experts
  • Cutting-edge IT operating platform
  • Collaborative, customizable corporate mindset
  • Greater negotiating power with suppliers


  • Instant access to the world’s largest global relocation services network
  • Newly positioned as an industry leader
  • Complete portfolio of service offerings
  • Strength of brand equity
  • Global network of resources
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Geographically-expansive career opportunities