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A Message from Dan Boren

"As an avid hunter, outdoorsman and vice chairman of the Congressional Sportsmen Caucus, Dan Boren knows how important the outdoors are to Oklahomans. After taking his first deer at the age of nine, Dan knew hunting would become a lifelong pursuit. That's why promoting outdoor conservation and protecting access to public hunting lands are top priorities for him in Congress.

"Often overlooked, the economic impact of hunting and fishing in Oklahoma is substantial. Oklahomans spend more than $300 million on these activities each year - a significant boost to businesses big and small across the state. In order to maintain and grow this sector of our economy we have to manage our wildlife populations responsibly and promote outdoor conservation.

"Unfortunately, our traditions and heritage are under constant attack in Washington. Many in Congress don't understand gun ownership as a matter of safety and security, and of culture. Whether for self-protection, hunting or sport, gun ownership is a way of life for many Eastern Oklahomans. As a life member of the NRA and a member of its board of directors, I have an uncompromising belief in the Second Amendment for law-abiding hunters and gun owners.

"To protect these rights for every American, I support a number of initiatives defending the Second Amendment and eliminating some of the most onerous existing limitations on gun ownership. Contrary to the claims of gun control advocates, gun ownership is not the source of America's gun-related crime problem. Gun-related crime should be met with stiffer penalties for criminals and should not be a factor used to punish responsible gun owners."


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